These are the movies I've watched.

The Unborn

This has got to be one of the most ridiculous horror movies ever. Most horror movies have a niche – this one has almost every horrom movie element you could imagine.

The plot goes something like this: Natzis used to perform experiments on fraternal twins because “twins are human mirrors” (which makes no sense because fraternal twins don’t look alike). The point of these horrible experiments that killed most of the participants was to turn the eyes blue. (Wtf?) Our protagonist, Casey, is attacked by one of the kids she babysits who becomes possessed by the ghost of Casey’s fraternal twin who was never born because she strangled him in the womb with her umbilical cord. The unborn twin is really a dybbuk – a hebrew half dog, half man, all demon – which killed her mother in the insane asylum. While searching through her mothers possessions Casey finds a newspaper clipping which leads her to an old lady who turns out to be her long-lost grandmother. From the grandmother Casey is directed to a priest who can do an exorcism, blah, blah, blah….

It’s so ridiculous it becomes unintentionally funny. It’s so funny I have no choice but to recommend this movie.