These are the movies I've watched.

Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D

What a pile of trash.

The acting is horrible, the special effects are terrible, it was presented in 3D which is irritating in itself, the story was dumb, and the 4th dimension was just plain offensive.

The story centered around a father who spent all his time working to provide a good life for his family when all they really wanted was to spend time with him.  There was nothing subtle about the message – it was stated outright every 5 minutes!  Ok, we get it, spend time with your family before it’s too late.  Stop beating us over the head with the message.

The 4th dimension is being called “aroma-scope”.  When you buy a ticket to see this movie you are given a scratch and sniff card with 8 areas on it.  During the movie a number will appear on screen indicating that the viewer should scratch the corresponding area and smell what the characters are smelling.  It is an amusing gimmick but implemented in poor taste – 4 of the 8 smells were farts, and another one was vomit.

I wouldn’t expose my children (if I had any) to this crap.  It plays to the lowest common denominator and insults everyone’s intelligence.